求人ID453 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
? Technical support for demand creation
? Drive (and/or cooperate with sales) the design win activities to the customer’s projects
? Customer technical support on customer applications
? Understand and summarize the application trend of customer
? Main contact window to Japan application engineers
? (Relationship Management with technical contact at customer )
? Technical issues management
? Support sales, marketing, and/or quality engineer on technical and/or application issues, such as customer’s Q&A.
? Reporting
? Business review by Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly meeting
? Others
? Prepare requested data & documentation in accordance with the instruction of supervisor
必須スキル? 5 years of technical experience on automotive applications as field engineer, application designer and technical account sales
? Have the ownership sprit of the task and action items.
? Technical communication skill with customer and internal team in Japan and Germany.
? Relationship building with key persons both customer side and internal colleagues (Japan and Germany)
? Sufficient English skills (Reading manual(Technical English), e-mail, and face to face communication). 英語語学力(TOEIC650以上)
? Native Japanese speaker with excellent communication and reporting skills.
? Basic PC skills (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
? Team worker
? Semiconductor product knowledge is required. If the candidate has knowledge of power IC or Analog IC is very good for this position.
? Business experience in automotive area is very positive for this position.
? Require the problem solving skill with customer at realistic environment.
年齢 / 年収年収:700-900万
求人ID454 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
勤務内容System application engineer responsible for 77GHz Radar MMIC / Functional Safety
1. Application support & Technical support for use of 77GHz Radar MMIC
2. Support for Functional safety topics at safety relevant application especially ADAS
3. Technical support by communicating with Functional Safety engineer, application engineers, project manager and development engineer (R&D) in headquarter
4. Interaction with customer to handle technical Q&A
5. Jointly work with team members to support dedicated customer
6. Strengthen system / application know-how in ADAS
7. Build support method for functional safety topics
8. Support for design win activity as well as ramp-up of the project
Target products: 77GHz Radar MMIC
必須スキルField or product application engineer, Electrical circuit design, Automotive system development (Tier1), Quality management in Semiconductor company or system company (Tier1)
  More than 5years experience for at least one of above experiences
? Control multi tasks and problem solving skill Sufficient
? Project Management
? English skills (e-mail, face to face communication, Reading manuals, Teleconference).
? Good Japanese speaker in native level with excellent communication skill
? Basic PC skills (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
? Team Worker with good interpersonal skills
? High Frequency or wireless application knowledge
? Experience for Functional safety
? Experience to deal with Automotive industry
? Customer interaction capability
年齢 / 年収年収:850-1,100万
求人ID441 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
職種シニアFAE(車載、 Industry担当)
勤務内容Senior Field Application Engineer
This position will provide field application services of PLD products (FPGA/CPLD) to customers. The person has strong knowledge of the FPGA products and solutions. Its technical area includes design methodology, IPs, serial/parallel interfaces, and embedded processing (processors, DSPs).

Frequently visit customers, make presentations, and work at customer site. Frequent business trips are required.
Responsible for pre-sales and design win of assigned customers by analyzing customers' needs and proposing technical solutions to customers.
Provide post-sales engineering support including debugging by simulation and measurement by equipment's such as oscilloscopes.
Work closely with various internal engineering organizations in the company to analyze and solve engineering issues.
Work with various internal organizations including sales, quality assurance, technical support and marketing
必須スキルHave electronic design expertise in Verilog or VHDL.
At least 3 years of experiences in FPGA or ASIC is highly preferred. Experiences in other logic devices such as processors or ASSPs are plus.
Expertise in high-speed interfaces, microprocessors/controllers, and DSPs is a strong plus.
Experiences in any applications (COM, AVB, Consumer, ISM etc.) is strongly preferred.
Experiences of presentation, customer support and document preparation is a must and trouble shooting, design consultation and silicon technology experiences are plus.
Familiarity with electrical measurement equipment's such as oscilloscopes or logic analyzers is a must.
Near native level Japanese is necessary.? English (TOEIC>650) is required.
BSEE, BSCS, equivalent degrees or experiences.
Auto Motive related application knowledge is preferable. Especially in ADAS
Industrial related application knowledge is preferable.
勤務地東京本社 もしくは大阪営業所でも可
年齢 / 年収年収:900-1,300万
求人ID442 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
職種Regional Sales Manager
勤務内容Regional Sales Manager(Industrial, Auto)
1. Manage key Industrial, Auto accounts
Establish strategic partnership with key Industrial, Auto accounts
Establish strong relation with executives and key persons in customers
Be a trusted adviser for key Industrial, Auto accounts
2.?Achieve quarterly goal each of Design Win(DW), Design Registration(DR), Revenue.
3.?Create and?update?DW plan
* Keep maintaining and updating the plan to be used as day-to-day sales plan instead of presentation purpose
4.?Complete basic survey of business opportunity (TAM/SAM) at assigned accounts.
5.Distributor management
*DWs, DRs and Revenue target?above should be achieved through good teamwork with distributor
*Be a good example of FPGA sales person for distributor
必須スキル1.?Minimum 5 years' sales experience of semiconductor/electrical components
2.?Experience of sales to JPN Industrial, Auto accounts
3. Basic English communication skills in e-mail and conversation
4.?Management experiences of distributor
5. Capability of creating and updating strategic account plan
6. Engineering background preferred
勤務地東京本社 もしくは大阪営業所でも可
年齢 / 年収年収:900-1,300万
求人ID426 (外資系半導体メーカー) 転職相談はこちら
  • 車載用インフォテイメント製品の日本市場への売り込みと市場シェア拡大
  • 日本地区担当として、顧客と弊社技術部門との仲介
  • プロジェクト管理
  • 短・中期的なビジネスプランの作成
  • 市場・顧客要望の洗い出しとフィードバック
  • 顧客との交渉
  • 車載用インフォテイメント機器に関する製品知識を有すること
  • グローバル開発の経験を有すること
  • 英語によるコミュニケーション能力
年齢 / 年収年収:〜850万 *別途インセンティブがございます。
求人ID419 (外資系半導体メーカー) 転職相談はこちら
C/C++, Linux向けドライバおよびマイクロコントローラを使った応用技術
英語コミュニケーション (業務レベル)
年齢 / 年収年収:600-850万
求人ID415 (国内系ファブレスメーカー) 転職相談はこちら
年齢 / 年収年収:500-800万
求人ID416 (外資系半導体メーカー) 転職相談はこちら
勤務内容Manage all interventions at the customer and plan business roadmap integrating all products in accordance with customer strategy.
Perform sales activities and collaborate sales increase with marketing.
Build a good relationship with the customer and coordinated Design−in activities with marketing.
Monitor B/L and manage JIT delivery in line with Sales Assistant and C/S.
Perform sales activities for T/N business in the customer in Japan, and collaborate Design−in/win & qualification for the customer in other regions than Japan with Marketing & T/N Sales.
Train better on products knowledge and technical know−how by himself to understand customer real demand well.
必須スキル?Experienced in managing sales in semiconductor industry specifically in industrial, communication, consumer, healthcare and automotive segment managing responsible distributors as account manager effectively and efficiently.
?Accurate business insights creating customer demands.
?Good people skills
?Business English level communicating
?Good negotiation skills on a fact basis
?Fact base decision
?Familiar with business customs.
?Transparency sharing progress, issues and risks across organizations
?Be accountable for overall flow and time.
?Commit to deliver the expected results
?Solve root causes, using problem solving methods.
年齢 / 年収年収:600-850万円 *別途インセンティブがございます。
求人ID411 (外資系半導体メーカー) 転職相談はこちら
職種マイコン・プロダクトマーケティング 大阪勤務
勤務内容-マイコン製品(8bit/32bit MCU)による、担当顧客又は担当エリアでの新規案件開拓,及び案件マネジメント
仕様の事業部への提案 (ターゲットは定期的に見直し)
-案件, プロジェクトを主体的にドライブできること
年齢 / 年収年収:600-850万 *別途インセンティブがございます。
求人ID266 (外資系半導体メーカー) 転職相談はこちら
職種半導体後工程Operation Quality MGR
勤務内容Function : Manufacturing Quality Management
After Overseas Assignment in Malaysia for 3 years, working in Japan.
Back End operation manufacturing quality management in Asia Pacific
The objectives of this position are to satisfy and meet customers’ quality demand through continuous improvement of manufacturing quality inAsia Pacific Back End Operation.
Major Task:
1. Lead continuous manufacturing quality improvement in Back End Operation, especially to change operators’ and technicians’ mind set to meet customers’ quality demands and requests.
2. Bottom up manufacturing quality in all Back End Operation in and build up new system to share and implement improvement activities.
3. Basically, no direct-report staff, but each Operation QM team will work with him / her and follow his / her direction.
4. Will be a team leader of the Operation Fab QM for above manufacturing quality improvement tasks and activities.
必須スキル1. Manufacturing / Quality management / Process or equipment engineering for automotive components. Working experience in Japanese manufacturing Company / Factory.
2. Failure analysis, reliability engineering, design, process / product engineering for Silicon front end, back end and/or test.
3. Well understanding manufacturing 5S concept especially Japanese manufacturing 5S concept.
4. Working experience in Southeast Asia manufacturing site is preferred. (More than 3 years)
1 and/or 2 and/or 3, more than 5 year experience at least.
5. Management / negotiation skill.
6. Quality problem solving / improvement.
7. Working environment safety knowledge and experience.
8. Statistical approach skill, knowledge and experience ( SPC , 6 sigma Green Belt and above , etc. )
9. Electrical / physical analysis techniques.
10. English communication; read / write / conversation (TOEIC > 750)
  • 歓迎するご経験
Basic skill of Semiconductor(preferable)
Toyota Way; problem solving / 3 actuals (preferable)
ISO/TS16949; APQP / PPAP / SPC / FMEA (preferable)
年齢 / 年収年収:前職給与と経験を考慮させていただきます。



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