求人ID266 (外資系半導体メーカー) 転職相談はこちら
職種半導体後工程Operation Quality MGR
勤務内容Function : Manufacturing Quality Management
After Overseas Assignment in Malaysia for 3 years, working in Japan.
Back End operation manufacturing quality management in Asia Pacific
The objectives of this position are to satisfy and meet customers’ quality demand through continuous improvement of manufacturing quality inAsia Pacific Back End Operation.
Major Task:
1. Lead continuous manufacturing quality improvement in Back End Operation, especially to change operators’ and technicians’ mind set to meet customers’ quality demands and requests.
2. Bottom up manufacturing quality in all Back End Operation in and build up new system to share and implement improvement activities.
3. Basically, no direct-report staff, but each Operation QM team will work with him / her and follow his / her direction.
4. Will be a team leader of the Operation Fab QM for above manufacturing quality improvement tasks and activities.
必須スキル1. Manufacturing / Quality management / Process or equipment engineering for automotive components. Working experience in Japanese manufacturing Company / Factory.
2. Failure analysis, reliability engineering, design, process / product engineering for Silicon front end, back end and/or test.
3. Well understanding manufacturing 5S concept especially Japanese manufacturing 5S concept.
4. Working experience in Southeast Asia manufacturing site is preferred. (More than 3 years)
1 and/or 2 and/or 3, more than 5 year experience at least.
5. Management / negotiation skill.
6. Quality problem solving / improvement.
7. Working environment safety knowledge and experience.
8. Statistical approach skill, knowledge and experience ( SPC , 6 sigma Green Belt and above , etc. )
9. Electrical / physical analysis techniques.
10. English communication; read / write / conversation (TOEIC > 750)
  • 歓迎するご経験
Basic skill of Semiconductor(preferable)
Toyota Way; problem solving / 3 actuals (preferable)
ISO/TS16949; APQP / PPAP / SPC / FMEA (preferable)
年齢 / 年収年収:前職給与と経験を考慮させていただきます。
求人ID402 (外資系半導体メーカー) 転職相談はこちら
職種FAE/Technical Sales Manager
  • Work as FAE as a technical sales with primary focus on Industrial and Automotive customers in Japan
Job functions:
  • Work with the sales team, various divisions and channel partners to do the demand creation activities, “technology selling”, for Japanese customers with primary focus on Industrial and Automotive markets
  • Conduct application and product training to sales and channel partners
  • Work in Tokyo office
  • Academic degree in Electronics and/or Electric engineering
  • Minimum 5 years of work experience in the electronics industry with similar responsibility is mandatory
  • Preferably to have 10 years’ design or FAE experience in the area of industrial or power applications
  • Generate application block diagrams and develop training material for sales and channel partners
  • Experience in handling the products similar to our company is an advantage
  • Experience in handling the passive components is an advantage
  • Excellent leadership and communication abilities with all levels
  • Fluent communication in English is mandatory
  • Traveling flexibility.(Frequent visits to Channel partners and customers as well as occasional overseas trip)
年齢 / 年収年収:700-1,000万 *別途インセンティブがございます。
求人ID400 (外資系半導体メーカー)転職相談はこちら
職種名古屋 セールス
勤務内容Distribution Management
Contribute the performance improvement of distributor as DEM sales
Have the responsibility of business line (Automotive and others)
Account Management of Automotive Accounts
Manage demand creation activity with Marketing and Application Engineer
Manage demand fulfilment activity (e.g., Quality, Delivery and others)
Manage Revenue and Design Win target achievement
Create scenario to solve any problem and Coordinate internal resource depend upon
created scenario
Build up Account Strategy to keep continuous business growth
Relationship Management for both customer side and internal
必須スキルExperience of semiconductor business such as account sales, product marketing,
distribution sales
(having working experience in Automotive field would be better)
Basic Product knowledge of Semiconductor will be required
Require the ability of data & situation analysis and the ability of promotion scenario
based on realistic environment
Have the ownership sprit of the task and action items
Capability of check the status for operational topics (booking, ordering, backlog,
inventory, etc.)
Drive / Coordinate internal resource and distributor resource to solve any problem
Relationship building with key persons in both customer side and internal colleagues
Account Sales responsibility
Sufficient English skills (e-mail, and face to face communication).
Good Japanese speaker in native level with excellent communication skill
Basic PC skills (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
Team Worker
Experience on working for semiconductor business
Min. 5 years of Sales (or marketing) experience in semiconductor industry
Direct account sales or account marketing activity experience more than two years for
Automotive customers
Basic Product knowledge of Semiconductor will be required. If the candidate has
knowledge of power IC or Analog IC is very good for this position.
Business experience in Automotive area is very positive for this position
Experience on working for automotive semiconductor business
年齢 / 年収年収:750-1,000万
求人ID399 (外資系半導体メーカー)転職相談はこちら
職種Radar Application Engineer
勤務内容Design-Win and Business-Win in Radar application projects with cm / mm-Wave (24GHz / 60GHz, 70GHz and 80GHz) products
Both Business and Technical interfaces between Japanese customers, the System Design House (SDH) for algorithm, the module mass production partners in Japan, Automotive Sales group, Industrial Micro-Controller and AE team at headquarters. Application engineering of 24GHz / mm-Wave radars and communication products/system.
Reporting to RFS AE manager
Demand creation and technical based business development for 24GHz / mm Wave Radar and other communication products together with sales and distributers
Technical support of the customer system for 24GHz / mm-Wave Radar systems and other communication system to Japanese customers including below:
In-depth Q&A of Infineon 24GHz / mm Wave products and Demonstration/Evaluation kit including Micro-controller.
Support to solve technical and business issues of customer system
必須スキルMore than 3 years’ experience of RF engineer (System Design, IC design or Application) or equivalent.
High interest in 24GHz / mm-Wave Radar systems. Preferably, hands on design/development experience in these applications.
Sufficient English skills (e-mail, and face to face communication).
Good Japanese speaker in native level with excellent communication skill
Basic PC skills (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
Team Worker
Customer mind
System thinking/approach
Experience on working for semiconductor business
Professional RF engineer level
Radar system
Micro-controller usage
High interest in 24GHz / mm-Wave Radar systems. Preferably, hands on design/development experience in these applications.
Familiar with algorithm and 24GHz/mmW module mass production
Hands on experience of programming languages (C and C++) for embedded systems such as, evaluation board/ demonstration kit
年齢 / 年収年収:750-1,000万
求人ID401 (外資系半導体メーカー)転職相談はこちら
職種アプリケーションエンジニア 車載モーター用マイコン
勤務内容Technical support and solution proposal of embedded power products for motor control applications like pump, fan, wiper and so on
Q&A for e-Power products
Sample code support
Pin assignment and MCU resource allocation support
Application circuit review
Technical interface between Japanese customers and Headquarter
Management of key projects
必須スキル5years experience on supporting microcontroller business (ideally automotive applications)
32bit MCU experience, electric control system (hardware & software), signal processing, development tool experiences (compiler, debugger)
Understanding of electric control systems with MCU in both software and hardware
Sufficient English skills (telephone conference, e-mail, and face to face communication).
Good Japanese speaker in native level with excellent communication skill
Good reporting skill
Basic PC skills (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
Team Worker
Experience on working for automotive semiconductor business
Basic knowledge of motor control by MCU
Hands on experience of development tools and programming languages; C
Marketing or project management experience
Marketing or project management experience
年齢 / 年収年収:750-1,000万
求人ID390 (外資系半導体メーカー) 転職相談はこちら
勤務内容職種:Automotive Marketing of IGBT & IGBT Modules for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
Regional Segment Marketing of Hybrid Electric Vehicles.
? Management of Infineon Japan HEV / EV related projects as a leader in a global project team (Germany and the US).
? Marketing of Inverter systems, DC/DC converters, Chargers, and other HEV/EV related systems.
? Demand creation and business development of IGBT, Diode, IGBT modules, and High Power MOSFET.
? Business planning and strategy setting for future business growth.
? Customer technical support together with System Application Engineers.
必須スキル5 years or longer hands on semiconductor experience (Product marketing, device development, ECU development, and / or application engineering).
? Experienced in working at semiconductor companies, car electronics suppliers (Tier 1), or car makers (OEM).
? High interest in EV/HEV systems and solutions. Preferably, hands on experience in such systems or vehicles.
? Skills of marketing methods and tools.
? Sufficient English skills (telephone conference, Teleconference Facilitation, e-mail, and
face to face communication).
? Basic PC skills (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
? Team player
? Eager to lean of the latest car electronics systems and the future trend.
? Communication skills even in a difficult situation.
年齢 / 年収年収:750-900万
求人ID346 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
年齢 / 年収年収:600-850万
求人ID338 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
年齢 / 年収年収:600-850万
求人ID315 (外資系調査会社)  転職相談はこちら
勤務内容今回募集をしているResearch Analyst職の主な業務は、POSデータの分析と日系顧客に対するブリーフィングの実施です。
グローバルのPOSデータは有用なデータではあるものの、データを見るだけでは部品・部材メーカーの事業の役には立ちません。そこで、そのデータを分析し、有用な形に変えなければなりません。この顧客にとって有用な分析を行うのが、Research Analystの業務となります。例えば、Aと言うブランドの販売が伸び悩んでいると言うデータがある場合、それが実際に顧客のビジネスにどのような影響を与えるのかをより具体的に分析する必要があります。そこでAブランドの出荷と実売を比較し、在庫の分析を行ったり、Aブランドのモデルミックスを分析し伸び悩んでいるセグメントが高価格帯なのか低価格帯なのか、と言う分析を行います。これにより顧客はAブランドの伸び悩みが自社のビジネスにどのような影響を与えるのかを知ることができます。
分析の作成のほかに、このような分析を顧客に対して直接説明するのもResearch Analystの業務です。分析の内容は多岐に渡るため、レポートを渡すだけでは顧客はその内容を理解することができません。そのため、直接足を運び、内容を説明することが重要となります。概ね月に一度顧客を訪問し、市場動向の報告をするとともに、その時々の顧客に必要な情報を理解しフォローすることで、顧客満足度を上げ契約更新に寄与するのもResearch Analystの重要な役割の1つです。
年齢 / 年収年収:500-700万
求人ID261 (外資系EDAベンダー) 転職相談はこちら
  • 電子システムや半導体設計環境の提案策定・立案
  • 技術営業やエンジニアを取りまとめてのプロジェクト管理
  • 学校卒業後2年以上の営業経験、もしくはソフトウェア、電子回路や半導体設計の業務経験を有する方
  • B2Bの営業経験のある方
  • 電機業界や半導体・ソフトウェア業界での営業経験のある方は尚可
  • 英語力のある方尚可
年齢 / 年収年収:500-800万



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