求人ID490 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
年齢 / 年収年収:600-850万
求人ID512 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
職種マイコン プロダクトマーケテイング
勤務内容-マイコン製品(8bit/32bit MCU)による、担当顧客又は担当エリアでの新規案件開拓,及び案件マネジメント
仕様の事業部への提案 (ターゲットは定期的に見直し)
-案件, プロジェクトを主体的にドライブできること
年齢 / 年収年収:600-850万 *前職の年収を考慮させていただきます。
求人ID492 (外資系半導体メーカー) 転職相談はこちら
勤務内容Job description:
•FAE with primary focus on Industrial and Automotive customers in Japan
Job functions:
•Work with the sales team, various divisions and channel partners to do the demand creation activities, “technology Promotion”, for Japanese customers with primary focus on Industrial and Automotive markets
•Conduct application and product training to sales and channel partners
必須スキルPosition requires:
•Work in Tokyo office
•Academic degree in Electronics and/or Electric engineering
•Minimum 5 years of work experience in the electronics industry with similar responsibility is mandatory
•Preferably to have designer or FAE experience in the area of industrial or power applications
•Generate application block diagrams and develop training material for sales and channel partners
•Experience in handling the products similar to our products is an advantage
•Experience in handling the passive components is an advantage
•Excellent leadership and communication abilities with all levels
•Fluent communication in English is mandatory
•Take responsibility to follow up progress of projects in time and accuracy
•Supports and resolves technical enquiry of quality FA issues
•Support and feedback customer requirements to work with Divisions for new product needs
•Traveling flexibility.(Frequent visits to Channel partners and customers as well as occasional overseas trip)
年齢 / 年収年収:800-1,000万
求人ID486 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
勤務内容As an individual contributor, own and manage product and marketing strategy to drive Chip Card & Security (CCS) embedded security business in Japan, and be responsible for achieving Embedded Security Solutions(ESS) CCS Japan revenue and design-in/win targets
Execute the responsibilities below in the area of Mobile and IoT security as an individual contributor.
1 Proactively drive penetration into JP embedded security market by analysing market/technical trend and meeting customer’s expectations
2 Conceptualize JP regional marketing plan, align with headquarter (HQ) marketing, influence sales team and lead execution of the plan
3 Work closely with Application Engineers and sales teams within CCS and related distribution channels to visit existing/potential customers, evangelize ESS CCS security product value, identify business opportunity, and achieve design in/win through building relationships with customers and providing them with technical support
4 Understand complex sales requirements and stakeholder structure in embedded security market, such as automotive, industrial, infrastructure and
smart home. Interact not only with direct customers, but also with end customers, SIers, firmware design houses, etc. to demonstrate embedded security value, identify new trends and market opportunities, and accelerate to scale the business.
5 (Develop new partnerships where necessary to develop embedded security market)
6 (Summarize market trend/requirement in Japan and communicate them with HQ marketing to influence the product offering and roadmap to maximize business in Japan)
7 (Catch up standardization activities of embedded security market in Japan)
必須スキル Over 5 years’ Marketing experience of Semiconductor Products 半導体製品のマーケティングの経験が5年以上
 Sufficient English skills (Reading manual(Technical English), e-mail, face to face communication, and Teleconference). 英語語学力(TOEIC600以上)
 Native Japanese speaker with excellent communication and reporting skills.
 Basic PC skills (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
 Presentation skill.
 Team worker
 家電あるいはカーエレクトロニクスの完成品メーカーでマーケティングまたはエンジニアを行った経験
 セキュリティあるいはカーエレクトロニクス業界の経験尚可
 クラウドサービス・ソフトウェアの領域の経験があれば尚可
 海外留学、海外勤務経験
 セキュリティビジネスの経験
 組み込みソフトウェア開発の経験
 IoTの経験
年齢 / 年収年収:700-1,000万
求人ID481 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
勤務内容1. Responsible to support Field Applications Engineer with expertise in specific technical areas with the goal to remove any technical obstacle to design of Microelectronics standard 8 and 32 bit MCUs.
2. Main goal will be to secure ST customer commitments by technically supporting disty FAE and customers, remotely as well as on-site.
3. Primary area of focus will be(ARM Cortex M0/3/4/7) microcontroller applications or libraries in one or more of the following areas of expertise – USB, Digital Signal Processing, Audio Solutions, Graphical User Interfaces, Security Solutions, Motor Control, Third Party Solutions (RTOS, File systems, TCP/IP, Bluetooth, Industrial Solutions/Automation, Execution Environments (Java/.net)
必須スキルEmbedded Firmware development experience required. C Code development and debugging skills using professional development tools required. Excellent verbal and written communication skills required. Extensive knowledge and experience is area of expertise required. Knowledge of microcontroller architecture including flash memory interface, SRAM, DMA, interrupt controllers, external memory interfaces, GPIO operation and configuration, SDIO, general purpose timers, analog to digital converters, digital to analog converters strongly recommended. Knowledge of microcontroller hardware features such as low-power modes, hardware integration at board and device level, and use of integrated supervisory circuitry such as power-on-reset, power-down-reset, watch dog timers and back-up power domains. Hardware troubleshooting skills using oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, USB analyzers and signal generators required.
年齢 / 年収年収:600-850万
求人ID487 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
勤務内容Manage and support Sales, Marketing, and Distribution(SMD)related activities with the objective to achieve Sales and Marketing Excellence focusing on implementing and enhancing the business strategies, processes/tools, and trainings/reports that continually improve the performance and productivity of SMD organization to close more deals
1. Business Practice
- SMD related training/workshop including planning, aligning and communicating among global training team
- Training/workshop preparation and facilitation
- Training/workshop for external partners (e.g. Distributors)
2. Process & Tool
- Customer Master Data (Maintaining and analyzing customer master code in the systems)
- Pricing information and quote handling including VPA maintenance (Responding to pricing inquiries from internal and ensuring that the customer gets a quote response in time)
- Sales Forecast Process (e.g. User support, trouble shooting, process/tool training)
- Sample Process (e.g. User support, trouble shooting, process/tool training)
- Continuous improvement of SMD related processes and tools in alignment with HQ
3. Project
Support and drive projects which will enable business strategies
必須スキル Sufficient English skills (e-mail, face to face communication, Teleconference and Negotiation). 英語語学力(TOEIC700以上)
 Native Japanese speaker with excellent communication and reporting skills.
 PC skills (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
 Application skill (SAP, Database etc.)
 Team worker
 Good communication skill
 社内基幹プロセスの経験 (オーダーマネジメント、プライシング`, マスターデータマネジメント等)
 海外留学、海外勤務経験
 営業経験
 データ分析、レポート分析
 経営戦略の経験
年齢 / 年収年収:500-700万
求人ID480 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
職種プロダクト マーケティング (加速度センサ、ジャイロセンサ)
勤務内容担当製品:Motion MEMS 製品群、MEMS Actuator 製品群(加速度センサ、ジャイロセンサ、地磁気センサ)、(ピエゾ素子)
民生の電子機器メーカー(主にデジカメとウェアラブル/フィットネス系のデバイス)に対する MEMSセンサ製品群の拡販業務の技術サポート、および品質問題が発生した際のサポート業務を国内のスタッフと海外の事業部と共に調整しながら顧客の対応に従事。
必須スキル理系 (電気・電子工学、物理、もしくは機械工学)の知識を有する事。 
年齢 / 年収年収:600-850万
求人ID441 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
職種シニアFAE(車載、 Industry担当)
勤務内容Senior Field Application Engineer
This position will provide field application services of PLD products (FPGA/CPLD) to customers. The person has strong knowledge of the FPGA products and solutions. Its technical area includes design methodology, IPs, serial/parallel interfaces, and embedded processing (processors, DSPs).

Frequently visit customers, make presentations, and work at customer site. Frequent business trips are required.
Responsible for pre-sales and design win of assigned customers by analyzing customers' needs and proposing technical solutions to customers.
Provide post-sales engineering support including debugging by simulation and measurement by equipment's such as oscilloscopes.
Work closely with various internal engineering organizations in the company to analyze and solve engineering issues.
Work with various internal organizations including sales, quality assurance, technical support and marketing
必須スキルHave electronic design expertise in Verilog or VHDL.
At least 3 years of experiences in FPGA or ASIC is highly preferred. Experiences in other logic devices such as processors or ASSPs are plus.
Expertise in high-speed interfaces, microprocessors/controllers, and DSPs is a strong plus.
Experiences in any applications (COM, AVB, Consumer, ISM etc.) is strongly preferred.
Experiences of presentation, customer support and document preparation is a must and trouble shooting, design consultation and silicon technology experiences are plus.
Familiarity with electrical measurement equipment's such as oscilloscopes or logic analyzers is a must.
Near native level Japanese is necessary.  English (TOEIC>650) is required.
BSEE, BSCS, equivalent degrees or experiences.
Auto Motive related application knowledge is preferable. Especially in ADAS
Industrial related application knowledge is preferable.
年齢 / 年収年収:900-1,300万
求人ID442 (外資系半導体メーカー)  転職相談はこちら
職種Regional Sales Manager
勤務内容Regional Sales Manager(Industrial, Auto)
1. Manage key Industrial, Auto accounts
Establish strategic partnership with key Industrial, Auto accounts
Establish strong relation with executives and key persons in customers
Be a trusted adviser for key Industrial, Auto accounts
2. Achieve quarterly goal each of Design Win(DW), Design Registration(DR), Revenue.
3. Create and update DW plan
* Keep maintaining and updating the plan to be used as day-to-day sales plan instead of presentation purpose
4. Complete basic survey of business opportunity (TAM/SAM) at assigned accounts.
5.Distributor management
*DWs, DRs and Revenue target above should be achieved through good teamwork with distributor
*Be a good example of FPGA sales person for distributor
必須スキル1. Minimum 5 years' sales experience of semiconductor/electrical components
2. Experience of sales to JPN Industrial, Auto accounts
3. Basic English communication skills in e-mail and conversation
4. Management experiences of distributor
5. Capability of creating and updating strategic account plan
6. Engineering background preferred
年齢 / 年収年収:900-1,300万
求人ID428 (外資系半導体メーカー) 転職相談はこちら
  • 担当顧客に対する新規ビジネス開拓
  • 担当顧客に対する短期から長期に渡るビジネス拡大
  • 担当顧客との関係強化
  • 代理店の人材の有効活用
  • 担当顧客サポート
  • 新規顧客開拓
  • 半導体営業の経験が約10年以上
  • コミュニケ-ション能力があり、チームプレイが出来る人
  • 英語でのE-mail、簡単な会話が出来る事
  • 車載向け製品を中心に 半導体製品の詳しい技術的な説明ができること
  • 車載向けのアプリケーションに技術的に明るいこと
年齢 / 年収年収:600-850万 *別途インセンティブがございます。



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